Death is the Road to Awe

© everlark

So I go to buy some chinese food right 

I tell the lady I want a small, no vegetable, beef lo mein.

And the lady looks at me for a second and says, “You want a small or large? Large? Okay.”

And I look at her like, lolnofuckyou. “No, I said small.”

Bitch tried to fucking give me a large just cause she knew I was high, fuck you, you gold digging whore.

She was nidging her friend and her friend was like yeah bitch I fuckin know this kid is high as a fucking kite, you don’t gotta be nudging me a million times. I thought they were gonna like do some crazy karate, sumo wrestler, jun-jitso type shit up in there. It was crazy.

Does anyone want to dance, I just…I really want to dance right now..

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